Thursday, January 26, 2012

Emergency General Meetings

First of all - many thanks for the fantastic response to this website asking doctors to contact their Royal College asking them to represent their views on the damaging English Health Bill.

Time is of the essence now and we have some Colleges making statements of support for the Bill such as the RCS (Eng) , RCP (London) which seem at odds with the messages we are receiving through this lobbying website. Doctors are telling us that they do not want their College to 'work with the government' or 'try to improve the Bill' - they want the Bill stopped dead in its tracks.

We feel that the members of Royal Colleges should be able to have their say. After all they pay a great deal of money each year to the Colleges for them to represent their views!

That is why we are now calling for doctors to ask their own College how they go about arranging an Emergency Meeting to discusss the Health Bill in order to formulate democratic policy - policy from the grassroots doctors who pay the subscriptions to keep the Colleges active.

It can be done - the Faculty of Public Health had an Emergency Meeting this week which voted overwhelmingly to oppose the Bill - sending a forceful message to the coalition government and FPH leadership.

We need to send this message to all the College hierarchy and we are asking for your help to contact your College (by phone or email) asking how you go about organising an Emergency Meeting and how many members are needed to call for one to occur. Feel free to add a messgage to the comment button below with your contact details and we will get back to you - or add messages for your colleagues on who to contact at your College. You may need to ask for the 'constitution' of the College or the 'standing orders' of the College Council to seek how to go about calling for an Emergency Meeting.

Best wishes and let's keep the pressure on. We will update the website with more information very soon.

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