Saturday, April 7, 2012

So what next?

We no longer call it the Health and Social Care Bill - it is now the Health and Social Care Act. The Queen used her signature to make it law on 27th March 2012.

For many of us campaigning against the Health Bill this was a day we hoped we would never see. We fought for over 18 months to highlight all the dangers in the Bill to the NHS. During the last few months the legislation looked in increasing danger with many more groups opposing the Bill. But the political numbers were against us - with the support of the Liberal Democrats (in the Lords and the Commons) the Bill became law - without LibDem support the Bill would have fallen.

So we must ask - what next?

Many of us will continue the fight. In fact we will redouble our efforts. We will continue to highlight all the dangers to the NHS that will come about under this Act. We want to promote a fair NHS for all and we wish to see an NHS restored after the next election to one without enormous commercial influence. 

There are doctors keen to stand for Parliament in order to have more influence. Given the recent shock by-election victory for George Galloway it would follow that a doctor standing for Parliament also has a very good chance of being elected. The Conservatives are already a little twitched by it. Even before the new party has been launched the Tory polling put the 'NHS party' on 18% - with the LibDems on 9%. Quite amazing.

It is important we continue to fight and oppose the Health and Social Care Act. Some wish to 'make the most of it' or 'work with it'. I disagree. We must of course do the best for our patients and many also believe we should show how bad this law is for the NHS and patient care and ensure we work to reverse all the damaging effects that will come about under the new Act. There will soon be a way for doctors and patients to report - via a website - worrying changes going on in the NHS in order to highlight and document them. This is so that we can show how the NHS is heading in the wrong direction by pandering to the commercial sector and opening up healthcare to big business. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Final Days

The Health Bill is in its final days in Parliament.

We have seen the Liberal Democrat Conference vote in a significant way against the Health Bill - presenting a problem for Mr Clegg and his Parliamentary colleagues. Grassroot LibDems have spoken out and said they do not like the Health Bill that Nick Clegg, their leader, and Mr Cameron are completely wedded to. Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron seem to want to ignore the hundreds of thousands of voters and healthcare professionals who have spoken out against the Bill.

We are now asking you to Lobby Your College again - for you to call on your own Royal College to send this letter to MPs as a strong message from the medical profession prior to the final vote in Parliament which is coming very soon.

Please could you copy and paste the text of the letter below into an email after having clicked on the link for your own College - and ask your own College to send it as an open letter to Parliament. You could also click the link for the Academy of Medical Colleges which is an umbrella body for all Colleges and ask them to lobby MPs.

Thanks you for you help once more in this most important matter.



"We call upon you parliamentarians to think again about the concerns raised by many 100,000's health and social care professionals and 170,000 members of the public about the bill being debated today. We urge you to put the interest of patients and the future of our health service ahead of party politics and halt this bill now. It is not too late. Once halted we can work with you and others to stabilise the NHS and to then create a health service fit for the 21st Century, based on co-operation and collaboration.

We consider that the Health and Social Care Bill, if passed, will damage the NHS and widen healthcare inequalities, with detrimental effects on patient care in England."


Academy of Medical Colleges    Chair - Professor Sir Neil Douglas

Royal College of Physicians  - President 
Royal College of Surgeons   chief executive Mr A Bennett
                                                          - President Prof Norman Williams
Royal College of GPs        
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal College of O&G       
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal College of Paediatrics - President Prof Stephenson

Royal College of Pathologists
Royal College of Anaesthetists 
Faculty of Public Health    
College of Emergency Medicine  President - Mr Mike Clancy
Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health President -

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Briefing Documents on the Bill

The Observer recently featured an article about the role of the Medical Royal Colleges in halting the passage of the Health and Social Care bill through Parliament. Opposition from the colleges is important as they are the professional bodies concerned with teaching, training, research and standards of care. They can’t be accused of self interested union behaviour.

Congratulations to all the members who have used this website to call upon their colleges to hold Emergency General Meetings (EGMs) to discuss opposition to the bill. Most colleges have either now come out against the bill or have EGMs planned in the near future.

Many people, including doctors and other health professionals, are still unclear about the bill and the likely consequences if it is passed. We have therefore put together a briefing document for the general public and hope it will also be useful for those doctors attending forthcoming EGMs of their college to debate the bill. You can find it here. Please feel free to use it and distribute it far and wide.

We would also like to direct you to some useful documents and articles to update you on the Bill and its impact on the NHS and our patients. This picture shows just how many groups are opposed to the Bill - and those who seem to be in favour - well worth a look! There was also a longer article in the Lancet detailing some of the major concerns from the well respected academic Professor Allyson Pollock.

Senior Liberal Democrats (and former doctors!) are now voicing many concerns over the Bill. Indeed Lord Owen has written a very insightful article here.

We heard some time ago from our Prime Minister making a statement that every NHS staff member welcomed at the time - but it hasn't somehow come about...

There are worrying implications for GP commissioners working under the Health and Social Care Bill. The legal implications are vast. This is an excellent paper to update you on the issues.


The Royal College of Physicians (London) have now decided to ballot all their members on their views on the Bill and in another vote decided to oppose the Bill which is a significant move for such a large body representing hospital physicians.

We also see the organisation representing doctors who look after older people - the British Geriatrics Society - withdraw support for the Bill now. It is difficult to find any organisation that now supports this Bill.

Many thanks again for your support and please keep your eye on this website for more updates soon.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Paediatricians now oppose the Bill

This week we saw the RCPCH come out in full opposition to the Bill. This is a very significant event and is yet more evidence of the wide scale opposition to the coalition Health Bill.

The Royal College of Physicians (London) meets on Monday 27th February to discuss their position on the Bill and we are urging any MRCP/FRCP doctor who has not completed our survey on the Bill to do so now via this link.

It is clear there is concern at the very heart of government over this Bill - there is clear evidence here.

If you haven't yet completed our survey to lobby your own College then please do so here.

We will keep you updated about the latest developments as soon as they come through.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who was there and who wasn't?

The Downing St Health Summit 'tea party' came and went and some people turned up and some people weren't invited. Mr Lansley had some difficulty getting through the crowds who were opposing the Bill.  Who was on the invite list and who wasn't? We have compiled the list below for your persual.

Against the Bill - not invited

Brtitish Medical Association
Royal College of GPs
Royal College of Midwives
Royal College of Nursing
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Royal College of Pathologists
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal College of Psychiatrists

Undecided - invited to the summit

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Royal College of Physicians (London)
Royal College of Surgeons (England)
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

In favour of the Bill - invited to the summit

National Association of Primary Care
NHS Alliance
Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations
Family Doctors Association

If you are a Royal College Member or Fellow and haven't done so already then please complete our survey here - LobbyYourCollege

Meanwhile we are soon expecting further news with respect to another major Royal College to call an EGM due to survey responders on our website - watch this space.

Many thanks once more for your support.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Downing St Health Summit And What The Medical Profession Should Do Now

We have seen a new development in the Health Bill saga with the Prime Minister calling an Emergency Health Summit at Downing St to discuss 'implementing the Bill' in a few days time. Soon after the announcement it became clear that most of the key players in the NHS have not been invited. These include the RCGP, BMA, Royal College of Radiologists, the RCN and possibly others – all those who have spoken out publicly about how the Bill will damage the NHS irrevocably.

This hurriedly arranged meeting smacks of a coalition government in panic mode and an attempt to divide the medical profession. It is a desperate last minute attempt to seek support from some sectors of the medical profession and push through this unwanted Health Bill come what may. This is a political manoeuvre and shows quite blatantly what happens if you stand up for your beliefs and speak out against an ill thought out government policy.

It is vital that the medical profession shows solidarity in the face of this attempt to divide and rule. An umbrella organisation - the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges - oversees the interests of all Medical Royal Colleges. They should, along with individual Medical Royal Colleges speak out and boycott this Summit and stand together as a profession. We should say 'NO – we do not agree with your Bill and we do not want to play political games with you'. 

Doctors want to protect the NHS and are the genuine voice for our patients. 

If you are a member of a Medical Royal College please send two quick emails - one to your own College President and also one to the Chairman of the Academy, Professor Sir Neil Douglas suggesting they should publicly call for all Medical Royal Colleges to boycott this Summit. This will send a clear message that we will not partake in a blatant attempt to divide the medical profession and push through an unwanted and damaging Health Bill.

Here are the email addresses to click and send a message calling on the Academy and your College.

Academy of Medical Colleges    Chair - Professor Sir Neil Douglas

Royal College of Physicians  - President 
Royal College of Surgeons   - chief executive Mr A Bennett
                                                          - President Prof Norman Williams
Royal College of GPs        
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal College of O&G       
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal College of Paediatrics - President Prof Stephenson

Royal College of Pathologists
Royal College of Anaesthetists 
Faculty of Public Health    
College of Emergency Medicine  President - Mr Mike Clancy
Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health President - 

Thank you for your support.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Royal College Opposition to the Bill

Today has seen another Royal College come out in opposition to the Health Bill - the Royal College of Radiologists.

At a Special Meeting today the RCR voted overwhelmingly to oppose the coalition Health and Social Care Bill.

The Royal College of Surgeons (England) today announced they would hold a Special Meeting to allow their Fellows to debate the Health Bill which is a great step forward.

We would ask you to continue to Lobby Your own College via this link.

We will also be setting up specific surveys prior to each EGM asking members of those Colleges whether they wish their College to support or oppose the Bill. This helps to inform the meeting itself.

We continue to ask paediatricians to complete our survey as their College require 600 members in order for a special meeting to be called. Quite a hill to climb but if you know a paediatrician then please ask them to complete the survey.

Many thanks for your support.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Pressure Continues

Once again - many thanks for the superb response we have had to this website and also our lobbying website.

We have been stunned by the number of doctors seeking to lobby their Medical Royal College to call for a special meeting. Our website has been Tweeted and promoted on many other websites - thank you.

If you are a doctor and haven't already done so then please do visit our site where you can lobby your college for a special meeting

The Royal Colleges are taking action after their members have called for special meetings.

We already have Extraordinary General Meetings announced for

FPH        28th January
RCR       16th February
RCP       27th February
RCOG     9th March

We also expect significant news soon from other Colleges - watch this space!

You can watch the speech given by Dr David McCoy at the Faculty of Public Health special meeting on the Health Bill here. We think it is rather a good speech. This meeting formally brought the FPH into opposition against the Health Bill after calling a meeting to debate their position on the Health Bill.

There is more trouble for the Health Bill in recent days with many more people and organisations coming out in opposition. Indeed even the LibDems are now split down the middle with one part opposing the Bill - click here.

If you are a Radiologist then your College is having a special meeting to debate the Health Bill - we are seeking your view on the withdrawal of the Bill here.

And if you are a Paediatrician then we are seeking your views on withdrawal of the Health Bill here.

We must fight with all our strength to stop the Health Bill. Even Stephen Fry agrees with us.

And finally do complete this e-petition calling for Parliament to debate dropping the Bill.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's all to play for

There have been enormous developments in the past week with respect to opposition to the Health Bill. We now see the RCGP opposing the Bill along with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists announcing their oppposition.

The pressure is mounting on the coalition to withdraw this ill thought out and unwanted Bill.
However some Medical Royal Colleges continue to feel the Bill is absolutely necessary to improve the NHS - we do not believe this is so. The reasons for this can be found here.
We have heard that some doctors feel reluctant to publicise their name calling on their College to have a special meeting. Some Colleges also require huge numbers to call for such a meeting - RCPCH for example need 600 members. We feel it is hugely important to ask our Colleges to speak out and if the College membership oppose the Bill then the College leadership must speak in opposition too. Here are some more details on some of the College antics going on. The Royal College of Radiologists have called a special meeting to debate the Bill. The RCP (London) have called a special EGM and it is hoped Members and Fellows will have their opportunity to speak out and form policy at that meeting. The RCGP have come out in full opposition (the only College to fully oppose up to now).

So we have decided to try and use SurveyMonkey to allow you to anonymously add your name to the growing list of names calling for a special Health Bill meeting. Your name will not be publicised but we will ask your permission in the survey to send it on to your College.
Please do pass on details to your professional colleagues and ask them to complete the very short survey - it could make a huge difference.

We will also need doctors willing to attend the meeting and speak about the Health Bill so please leave your email address on the survey.

Many thanks again for all your support.

Here is the link for you to complete the survey (please note the RCGP is not included in the survey as they have now come out formally in opposition to the Bill)

Here are some further links to the current College positions on the Bill
RCP (London), RCS (England), RCPCH, RCOG, RCPsych, RCoA, RCPath, College of Emergency Medicine (nil found on website)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Using The Web to Lobby Your College

The number of visits to the site has been amazing.

We have got our heads together and decided we need to ramp up the pressure on the Medical Royal Colleges. Individual Members/Fellows should have a voice and we want to be able to give you that voice. Remember this Bill has huge implications for education and training so it is vital Colleges and their Members/Fellows are able to give their opinions on this topic.

So we are setting up a survey which allows you to anonymously add your name and membership number if you wish to call an Extraordinary Meeting for you to discuss and formulate your College policy on the Health Bill. We will collate these names and numbers and send them to the Colleges asking for an EGM. This is confidential.

We have set this up on

Please ask your colleagues to complete the survey too.

The Royal College of Radiologists have set a date for an EGM. The Faculty of Public Health have already had an EGM. There are many more that need to do so.

If you are a trainee (or Associate as you are often called) please do lobby your College - you are the future of your College and your voice is very important.

Best wishes and lets keep the pressure up.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Emergency General Meetings

First of all - many thanks for the fantastic response to this website asking doctors to contact their Royal College asking them to represent their views on the damaging English Health Bill.

Time is of the essence now and we have some Colleges making statements of support for the Bill such as the RCS (Eng) , RCP (London) which seem at odds with the messages we are receiving through this lobbying website. Doctors are telling us that they do not want their College to 'work with the government' or 'try to improve the Bill' - they want the Bill stopped dead in its tracks.

We feel that the members of Royal Colleges should be able to have their say. After all they pay a great deal of money each year to the Colleges for them to represent their views!

That is why we are now calling for doctors to ask their own College how they go about arranging an Emergency Meeting to discusss the Health Bill in order to formulate democratic policy - policy from the grassroots doctors who pay the subscriptions to keep the Colleges active.

It can be done - the Faculty of Public Health had an Emergency Meeting this week which voted overwhelmingly to oppose the Bill - sending a forceful message to the coalition government and FPH leadership.

We need to send this message to all the College hierarchy and we are asking for your help to contact your College (by phone or email) asking how you go about organising an Emergency Meeting and how many members are needed to call for one to occur. Feel free to add a messgage to the comment button below with your contact details and we will get back to you - or add messages for your colleagues on who to contact at your College. You may need to ask for the 'constitution' of the College or the 'standing orders' of the College Council to seek how to go about calling for an Emergency Meeting.

Best wishes and let's keep the pressure on. We will update the website with more information very soon.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Urgent - Lobby Your College

This website has been set up to allow doctors to lobby their Medical Royal Colleges about the Health and Social Care Bill currently in the House of Lords.
In only a few weeks time this Health Bill could become law. Your input is urgently needed.

The Bill
   - poses an enormous risk to the future of a viable equitable NHS.
   - allows the elected Secretary of State to abdicate his or her ultimate responsibility for the NHS.
   - allows local hospitals to earn up to 49% of their income from private patients meaning NHS patients will wait longer for their care.
   - will tranform a cost effective public service into a healthcare market.
   - has no democratic mandate. We were promised 'no top down re-organisation of the NHS' prior to the election yet we now see this enormously damaging NHS upheaval before us which is already proving a huge distraction to all NHS workers.

Continuing with the implementation of the Bill carries far more risk than stopping it now and withdrawing it.

The Bill is now opposed by the British Medical Association, the NHS Consultants Association, the Royal College of Nursing,  Royal College of Midwives, Unison and Unite.

The Bill has now received a damning report from the Health Select Committee

We now ask for the help of all doctors who are members of a Royal College to lobby your own College about the Health Bill, advise them that you are opposed to the Health Bill and ask them to speak out on your behalf.

We ask you to cut and paste the template email below and then click on the link for your own College which should allow you to send the email easily. Of course feel free to design your own email.

It would be helpful to know how many of you have contacted your College so please add your name to the 'comment' section below (or initials if you prefer to remain anonymous).

Dear College President,

I am writing to you as a member of our College. I have major concerns over the Health Bill currently in the House of Lords and ask that you speak out and oppose this damaging policy.

The Bill lacks a democratic mandate and carries enormous threats to the structure and function of the NHS.  It threatens quality, training and standards, all of which fall within the remit of our College. The risks of continuing with this legislation are now felt to be greater than the risks of stopping it.

Our medical leaders need to lobby against the legislation. Please join the BMA, RCN and RCM in publicly opposing the Bill and calling for its withdrawal.

Yours sincerely,


List of Royal Colleges and their email addresses you can click after you have copied and pasted

Royal College of Physicians
Royal College of Surgeons  or
Royal College of GPs        
Royal College of Radiologists
Royal College of O&G       
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal College of Paediatrics
Royal College of Pathologists
Royal College of Anaesthetists
Faculty of Public Health    
College of Emergency Medicine  - Mr Mike Clancy
Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health President - 
Chair of Academy of Medical Royal Colleges - Professor Sir Neil Douglas