Saturday, January 28, 2012

Using The Web to Lobby Your College

The number of visits to the site has been amazing.

We have got our heads together and decided we need to ramp up the pressure on the Medical Royal Colleges. Individual Members/Fellows should have a voice and we want to be able to give you that voice. Remember this Bill has huge implications for education and training so it is vital Colleges and their Members/Fellows are able to give their opinions on this topic.

So we are setting up a survey which allows you to anonymously add your name and membership number if you wish to call an Extraordinary Meeting for you to discuss and formulate your College policy on the Health Bill. We will collate these names and numbers and send them to the Colleges asking for an EGM. This is confidential.

We have set this up on

Please ask your colleagues to complete the survey too.

The Royal College of Radiologists have set a date for an EGM. The Faculty of Public Health have already had an EGM. There are many more that need to do so.

If you are a trainee (or Associate as you are often called) please do lobby your College - you are the future of your College and your voice is very important.

Best wishes and lets keep the pressure up.

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