Monday, February 13, 2012

The Pressure Continues

Once again - many thanks for the superb response we have had to this website and also our lobbying website.

We have been stunned by the number of doctors seeking to lobby their Medical Royal College to call for a special meeting. Our website has been Tweeted and promoted on many other websites - thank you.

If you are a doctor and haven't already done so then please do visit our site where you can lobby your college for a special meeting

The Royal Colleges are taking action after their members have called for special meetings.

We already have Extraordinary General Meetings announced for

FPH        28th January
RCR       16th February
RCP       27th February
RCOG     9th March

We also expect significant news soon from other Colleges - watch this space!

You can watch the speech given by Dr David McCoy at the Faculty of Public Health special meeting on the Health Bill here. We think it is rather a good speech. This meeting formally brought the FPH into opposition against the Health Bill after calling a meeting to debate their position on the Health Bill.

There is more trouble for the Health Bill in recent days with many more people and organisations coming out in opposition. Indeed even the LibDems are now split down the middle with one part opposing the Bill - click here.

If you are a Radiologist then your College is having a special meeting to debate the Health Bill - we are seeking your view on the withdrawal of the Bill here.

And if you are a Paediatrician then we are seeking your views on withdrawal of the Health Bill here.

We must fight with all our strength to stop the Health Bill. Even Stephen Fry agrees with us.

And finally do complete this e-petition calling for Parliament to debate dropping the Bill.

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