Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's all to play for

There have been enormous developments in the past week with respect to opposition to the Health Bill. We now see the RCGP opposing the Bill along with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists announcing their oppposition.

The pressure is mounting on the coalition to withdraw this ill thought out and unwanted Bill.
However some Medical Royal Colleges continue to feel the Bill is absolutely necessary to improve the NHS - we do not believe this is so. The reasons for this can be found here.
We have heard that some doctors feel reluctant to publicise their name calling on their College to have a special meeting. Some Colleges also require huge numbers to call for such a meeting - RCPCH for example need 600 members. We feel it is hugely important to ask our Colleges to speak out and if the College membership oppose the Bill then the College leadership must speak in opposition too. Here are some more details on some of the College antics going on. The Royal College of Radiologists have called a special meeting to debate the Bill. The RCP (London) have called a special EGM and it is hoped Members and Fellows will have their opportunity to speak out and form policy at that meeting. The RCGP have come out in full opposition (the only College to fully oppose up to now).

So we have decided to try and use SurveyMonkey to allow you to anonymously add your name to the growing list of names calling for a special Health Bill meeting. Your name will not be publicised but we will ask your permission in the survey to send it on to your College.
Please do pass on details to your professional colleagues and ask them to complete the very short survey - it could make a huge difference.

We will also need doctors willing to attend the meeting and speak about the Health Bill so please leave your email address on the survey.

Many thanks again for all your support.

Here is the link for you to complete the survey (please note the RCGP is not included in the survey as they have now come out formally in opposition to the Bill)

Here are some further links to the current College positions on the Bill
RCP (London), RCS (England), RCPCH, RCOG, RCPsych, RCoA, RCPath, College of Emergency Medicine (nil found on website)

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